Management Trainees

Management Trainees

Contract Resources have recently begun a graduate program; with four new employees learning the business from the ground up.

Contract Resources
New Zealand & Australia

Starting in April of this year, Contract Resources began a Management Trainee Program; seeking to introduce people to the organisation from the ground up, and develop their potential for future management roles. Over the course of two years, selected participants will be extensively trained in health and safety, project management, human resources and industrial relations, operations, practical and field work, quality and engineering, and professional development. The trainees will work from up to five different main locations in Australia and New Zealand during the course.

After the interview process, Contract Resources selected four individuals to take part; Blake Lupton, Elliott Sandaver, Marcus Warren, and Samuel Whitakermills.

Blake Lupton has started the program operating out of the Perth office in Australia. He has a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Valuation and Property Management. Blake comes to us from a position as the Assistant Project Manager for the Property Services department of the University of Auckland.

Elliott Sandaver has started the program at the Shell Clyde office in Australia. Elliott has a Bachelor of Business Management, majoring in International Business. He has spent six months working as a volunteer English Teacher in the Shandong Province of China, and later received an international student exchange grant to spend six months studying at the University of Hong Kong.

Marcus Warren has started the program at the Mt Maunganui office in New Zealand. He has a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Industrial Design. In his previous role, Marcus worked as a Project Manager and Designer for Office Research ltd.

Samuel Whitakermills has begun the program at the Caltex Kurnell office in Australia. Sam has a Bachelor of Science Degree, with majors in Psychology and Zoology. Samuel has recently returned from a position as an English Teacher at Selti International, based in Hungary.

[April 2011]