Inert Entry Training in Bankstown

Inert Entry Training in Bankstown

It was time again for another training session on Inert Entry in Bankstown.

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Bankstown, Australia

This was the second Inert Entry training course held in Bankstown, with massive success. Unfortunately Bruce could not join us, and the training was completed by Marcus Bathan and Troy Allison from Vertical Horizonz.

It was great for all the relevant personnel to touch up on the finer details of the job with the work done in the classroom and to work through all the details of pressures of the panel, gas testing, load limits, and all the other relevant limits. It is always good to refresh these, as we sometimes forget certain things.

It was also good to see practical examples being used in the training facility, as a lot struggled with the rescues at the start of the training, but as we moved along, everybody got really well-oiled and the rescues were done really efficiently, and this background will prove crucial when its needed one day.

I speak for everybody when I say, we all truly enjoyed the training, it’s always good to refresh one’s mind with all the theory and then do some practical outside. The Bankstown training facility is also very well laid out, and there is another sector that will be develop next to the Training Tower for Bundle pulling and pushing. Also good for all the technicians to see what goes on behind the scenes in Bankstown, with the BA Testing station now in full swing, and the various components of the Workshop.

Thank you to all involved for making this training possible.

The full article and others can be found in the Catalyst magazine, issue 16 - January 2013.

[August 2012]