Solid Liquid Treatment (SLT) Units

Solid Liquid Treatment (SLT) Units

Contract Resources' advances in SLT technology means our units not only treat hydrocarbon waste; they are also able to recover useable product.

Contract Resources
Adelaide, Australia

Solid Liquid Treatment (SLT) technology has been designed by Contract Resources for the environmental treatment of hydrocarbon waste. This equipment separates usable hydrocarbons from solid and liquid waste products.

Our modular equipment can be used effectively in all locations.

Once passed through the SLT units, Hydrocarbons are returned to the client and separated wastes can then be processed and remediated.

This equipment can be used in conjunction with our Sludge Reduction Systems (CRSRS).

See more on Contract Resources' Sludge Reduction Systems (CRSRS).

[January 2010]