Prototype Cleaning Tool for Pipe Externals

Prototype Cleaning Tool for Pipe Externals

Contract Resources was awarded a contract by ConocoPhillips to produce a prototype cleaning tool capable of rinsing acidic paste from the surface of an 8” pipe and that would also capture any resulting waste water and overspray.

Adelaide, Australia

The brief for the cleaning tool was that it had to be able to travel around 90 degree bends, over welds, and be able to pass through 40mm gaps between the pipe and fixed obstructions.

The Contract Resources team in Adelaide designed and built a light-weight, stainless steel cleaning tool which can be clamped around the pipe. The tool incorporates a number of nozzles inside the housing, which spray around the circumference of the pipe. A vacuum connection and floating seal ensure that virtually all the waste water and overspray is contained. To their credit, the Adelaide team designed and built the tool in less than two months.

Due to the success of the prototype cleaning tool, Contract Resources are in the process of securing a purchase order from ConocoPhillips to build the cleaning tools and supply resources and equipment for the passivation of four stainless steel flow lines on the floating storage and offtake (FSO) vessel at Bayu-Undan.

The full article can be found in Catalyst 12.

[January 2011]