Hydrocarbon Vacuum Trucks

Hydrocarbon Vacuum Trucks

Contract Resources has a fleet of Hydrocarbon compliant Vacuum trucks.

Contract Resources
Adelaide, Australia

Contract Resources’ Australian fleet of eight Hydrocarbon compliant Vacuum trucks are mostly Volvo FM9 or 11 Euro4 compliant Cab chassis 8 x 4s, with a 10,000L storage capacity. These vehicles are Pressure Vessel Design registered, and Dangerous Goods Design Approved (class 3 and 9).

A powerful 2,300cfm wet ring pump with 1,500L seal water on board makes it suitable for almost all Environmental Service situations, and the 7.2m Exhaust Mast (4m from vessel) ensures fumes and heat are kept away from both operators and vehicle.

Trucks are suited for multiple applications with tilt capability on the vessel, manway access, 8" blank flange and Pressure/Vacuum relief valves. The rear door is fitted with valves for top loading, bottom loading, draining, and dewatering. Onboard hose-trays carry fuel rated hoses, and multiple adapters.

Safety is assured to drivers, operators, and the vehicle itself by a full drive-away protection system, rollover sensors, rollover protection for the vessel and valves, spill kits, engine over-speed monitors, and emergency stops.

Trucks are designed and operated to be compliant to:

  • Dangerous Goods code 7
  • AS1210–1997 Pressure Vessel
  • AS2809.1–2008 Road Tank Vehicles for Dangerous Goods Part 1 – General requirements
  • AS2809.2–2008 Road Tank Vehicles for Dangerous Goods Part 2 – Road tank vehicles for flammable liquids
  • API RP 2219 – Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service

[January 2010]