Specialist mercury management for the hydrocarbon industry

Contract Resources' new strategic alliance with PEI provides best-in-class mercury management and chemical decontamination services to the hydrocarbon processing industry in Australasia.

Contract Resources / Portnoy Environment
Australasia & Various Strategic Locations

Contract Resources is a world leader in industrial chemical cleaning and hydrocarbon decontamination, and our new alliance with PEI’s specialist Mercury and Chemical Services Group brings the world's premiere mercury science team together with leading edge chemical cleaning and hydrocarbon decontamination services.

The partnership builds on an existing alliance between Contract Resources and PEI (US-based Portnoy Environmental Incorporated), with whom we've already worked on multiple mercury-related projects in Western Australia.

By combining skillsets we can offer a range of highly specialised services at the forefront of mercury management to both the on and offshore markets, with a unique approach to understanding mercury mass flux, loading and distribution in hydrocarbon processing systems to develop mercury management processes, sampling/analysis programs, chemical decontamination solutions, chemistry, and waste minimization/processing plans.

Mercury has been an ongoing concern for hydrocarbon processors in Australasia over the last decade, and with new production and development in natural gas it will continue to be an important issue to address.

Produced mercury affects exploration and production operations, midstream operations (Natural Gas Liquids Plants), downstream operations (refining), and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plants.

NGL and LNG plants are most at risk since mercury is corrosive to aluminium cryogenic processing systems, but downstream processing is also affected since mercury poisons precious metal catalyst and complicates turnarounds and shutdowns.

The new highly specialised mercury services resulting from the Contract Resources / PEI partnership provides a uniquely qualified, highly specialist and world-leading offering in mercury management and chemical decontamination for both operating assets as well as those scheduled for decommission.

[February 2015]