Setting new standards in catalyst oxidisation

Setting new standards in catalyst oxidisation

Within the market place a need for a safer and environmentally friendly way of oxidising removed catalyst for transport or disposal purposes has lead to another innovation from Contract Resources


Traditional methods have been environmentally messy and place personnel at risk from extreme heat and fumes during scenarios like uncontrolled oxidisation on concrete slabs.

Identifying these issues, our dedicated innovations team set about mechanising the oxidisation process, ensuring a safer working environment for personnel and meeting clients tighter environmental requirements.

After reviewing various methods available, a modified concrete agitator was deemed the most cost effective way of achieving our project goals.

The unit is able to process 2.5 cubic metres of pyrophoric catalyst at a time, generating its own nitrogen supply, from plant air, to assist controlling the oxidisation process. Timing of the process is dependent on the volatility of the catalyst.

The unit is on its third project at time of print and gaining support from clientele.

[August 2016]