CR announces major investment in LNG waste processing facility in WA

CR announces major investment in LNG waste processing facility in WA

Contract Resources publicly announced this week our multi-million dollar investment into the development of a LNG waste processing facility in Karratha’s industrial precinct in Western Australia.

Contract Resources
Karratha, Western Australia

The management and disposal of mercury contaminated by-product is a growing challenge for Australian Oil & Gas producers. The only current solution of exporting this hazardous waste problem to other countries has become legislatively and ethically complex.

Our solutions driven team - with a strong history of working in high-risk work environments - identified the need for an Australian / local solution. A specialised environmentally friendly full life-cycle processing service for mercury contaminated waste for the Australian LNG market.

The result is a Class 4.2 Dangerous Goods secure storage, processing and purification plant to be built during 2017, which sets new standards in specialised hazardous waste management. This technically advanced processing facility is the first of its kind in Australia, and is able to isolate amongst other things, mercury, hydrocarbons, water and solids from a range of contaminated byproducts.

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