Contract Resources’ 25-Year Anniversary

Contract Resources’ 25-Year Anniversary

In October 2014, Contract Resources reached a significant milestone by achieving 25 years in business. From humble beginnings in a small shed in New Zealand, the business now operates out of 29 offices around the world spanning four geographic regions.

Contract Resources

CR 25 years

In order to recognise this achievement, the Senior Management Team decided that the creation of a special edition commemorative book would be an ideal way to capture the journey of the Company, its employees, and many of our customers over this period. Rather than craft a book brimming with written historical content, we were keen to adopt the philosophy of a ‘picture telling a thousand words’ approach. So we settled on a visually interesting book that celebrated our achievements through the employment of some great imagery and photos from the past, coupled with a few choice tales and reflections from some of our longer serving staff. The commemorative book opens with a piece from our original founders and CEO, the book introduces the Senior Management Team and ensures that our core services are well represented, as is our timeline of significant milestone achievements. Hard-covered in the company’s well renowned ‘CR red’, the commemorative book touches on a number of our work practices and specialised industrial services.

A central theme throughout the book are images of our people - our most valuable resource. Our people play an integral part of the company’s history and form its DNA. And so it is for our employees that this book is for.

Celebrations around the company have occurred over the past few months by getting employees together, thanking them for their contribution, and giving them each a copy of the anniversary book along with a one-off commemorative business shirt with our special 25 year logo embroided on it.

We are very thankful to everyone who has been involved in this initiative, and look forward to the challenges, advancements, and continuing relationships that the next 25 years will bring.

[October 2014]