Another New Vacuum Truck Completed in Adelaide

Another New Vacuum Truck Completed in Adelaide

The Adelaide workshop has recently completed the build of another Dangerous Goods (class 3 & 9) rated Vacuum Truck.

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Adelaide, Australia

This is now the sixth truck built in Adelaide to the VT030 series standard.

As more of these trucks join our fleet, operators and supervisors should start to see the advantages of a common layout and operator controls. The controls are designed for simplicity of operation, while extensive interlocks ensure a high level of safety for operators.

All of the VT030 series trucks are based on a Volvo FM9 truck with an 8x4 configuration. Air bag suspension is now being used in the build of these trucks, resulting in a lighter tare and the ability to provide an indication of loaded weights; thereby reducing the risk of overloading.

AVT045 has started its working life at the old Mobil refinery in Adelaide as part of the decommissioning operations there.

The full article can be found in the Catalyst magazine, issue 14.

[October 2011]