TSA Vessel Loading LIHIR O2 Plant

TSA Vessel Loading LIHIR O2 Plant

As part of the Processing Plant expansion project for Newcrest LIHIR Gold, a 4th plant was added to the Oxygen Facility, making it the largest oxygen generating facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

Newcrest LIHIR Gold
Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea

The new plant was of the Air Products design with the TSA vessels being of the horizontal design utilising top loading nozzles. Each vessel loading consisted of 3 beds of different types of Absorbents, totalling 120m3.

The installation and commissioning of the plant is being carried out by the Tenix Group from New Zealand.

As part of our on-going relationship with the Oxygen plant looking after all their Absorbent change outs, Contract Resources was invited to assist with the vessel loadings.

A crew consisting of Jeff Hardick, Ray Minhimick, and Boris Cotapos, led by Jay Symons set off on the 6th of July to work with local support labour and resources to carry out the work scope.

Dealing with the local weather conditions, doing things “PNG style”, and appeasing Plant Vendor inspectors certainly was a test for Jay (his 3rd trip as a project manager) who has come to accept these as the norm and work through them while still completing the project on time and within budget.

This created a problem for the crew as their Charter flights could not be bought forward, so with the assistance of a loaned vehicle they spent 2 days exploring the back side of the 14 by 4 km island which is a step back in time with very rugged terrain and heavy jungle.

The effort by the guys is best summed up from part of a communication by the client Projects QAQC Manager, received when acknowledging receipt of the final documentation.

“Many thanks for the professional approach and the quality of the job. Looking forward to see you guys in any other project around the world!

Well done and thank you.”

The full article and others can be found in the Catalyst magazine, issue 16 - January 2013.

[July 2012]