Tray Configuration Change at Orica Kooragang Island

Tray Configuration Change at Orica Kooragang Island

Orica needed to carry out modifications to their CO Absorber column. Contract Resources were asked to assist following work carried out during their July 2011 shutdown.

Kooragang Island, Australia

The project required taking the Structured Packing and Internals from the top 2 beds, taking care not to damage the packing as it was to be re-installed.

New Distributer Nozzles and Collection Trays were installed along with the cleaned Structured Packing.

The project called for crews to be working on 3 levels at the same time, 24 hours and 7 days.

Led by Arthur Denehy on days and Leon Dando on nights, the crew of 12 per shift completed the project safely, ahead of schedule, and under budget; despite having to work Anzac day plus the weather being anything but kind with wind and rain.

[April 2012]