Shell Geelong TEL Demolition & Remediation Project

Shell Geelong TEL Demolition & Remediation Project

The final TEL facility in Australia was demolished and remediated in 2010 at the Shell Refinery, Geelong.

Geelong, Australia

Following a comprehensive review process, Contract Resources were awarded the primary contract, with the main sub contractor, Innospec, and a variety of second tier contractors being managed by Contract Resources.

A fourteen man crew dismantled, decontaminated, and demolished four vertical bulk tanks, a weigh tank, four 5 ton waste containers, two scrubbers, a blending facility, two road tanker barrels, ancillary equipment, a weigh bridge and load out gantry, and 2kms of ship to shore pipeline that extended to the end of the wharf; without incident.

The assistance of the Shell boat and methodology of using an air winch to pull and cut the pipeline when over water, significantly reduced the risk of spill or injury.

The united effort removed 82 ton of sludge and scale, and 181 ton of TEL and Liquid, for remediation to the UK.

The cost saving initiatives from CR totalled $400,000 for the client. The Contract Resources team involved executed one of the single largest projects ever undertaken by our company, with success demonstrated in safety, environmental considerations, quality, and budget; all of which is a reflection of the teamwork employed.

The full article can be found in Catalyst 12.

[September 2010]