Refining New Zealand Hydrocracker Skim

Refining New Zealand Hydrocracker Skim

In February 2013 we completed another 8500 unit SRU catalyst change out and catalyst skim on the Hydrocracker unit for one of our long standing clients, Refining New Zealand.

Refining New Zealand
Marsden Point, New Zealand

It would be one of the largest skims that we have done over the years on the HCU unit, R-7501. We removed and dense/sock loaded the top two beds, and in R-7503 we removed the top two beds and skimmed 500mm from the 3rd bed before a dense/sock reload, all under a nitrogen blanket.

Even after getting handed the reactors a little late, with both reactors being worked on simultaneously and lead by experienced supervisors Steve Brooklands, Steve Oakley, Dom Burbrough, and Paul Dravitzki, and supported by three inert crews from NZ and a very capable crew from the Middle East, the project came in around half a day early. At the same time Karl Cromarty and crew also completed another successful, on-schedule furnace clean on F6101, achieving some good results with coke removal.

The full article can be found in Catalyst Magazine 17

[February 2013]