Molex Chamber revamp at large USA site

Molex Chamber revamp at large USA site

An international team was put together to revamp an ageing Molex Chamber in a project requiring a range of skills and services spanning planning, logistics and execution.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

Contract Resources was awarded a large and complex project for South Africa-based chemicals and energy company Sasol. We were tasked with undertaking a revamp of the Molex Chamber at Sasol's Lake Charles site in Louisiana, USA – a vast site containing seven manufacturing units across a 1.6 square kilometre area.

The Molex Chamber revamp would involve many specialist fields the Contract Resources group has become well known for, including: • logistics • materials handling • welding • mechanical work • catalyst changeout • working in confined spaces • meticulous planning from start to finish

Two CR staff moved onto the Lake Charles site from October 2014 to go through site archives, drawings, and old reports to enable a comprehensive plan to be created, with the major project work being carried out in the first quarter of 2015.

CR staff worked alongside Sasol and UOP, the units designers. Team members involved in the project included people from Australia and New Zealand as well as support from staff in the Houston and Louisiana offices. The entire team worked extremely well together, overcoming minor schedule disruptions caused by rain and the few unforeseeable hiccups that can crop up on projects involving 50-year-old equipment.

The project ended with a successful and quality revamp achieved for Sasol, underscored as usual by the excellent safety record that Contract Resources is well known for in the industry.

Photo top: Decanting sieve

Photo bottom left: Molex unit

Photo bottom right: Setting up for grid inspection

[October 2014]