Interoil PNG Tank Cleaning and Bundle Pulling

Interoil PNG Tank Cleaning and Bundle Pulling

Contract Resources were awarded a project to clean a 58m ø Floating Roof Crude Oil tank at the Interoil Napa Napa Refinery in Papua New Guinea; which is across the bay from the capital of Port Moresby.

Interoil PNG
Napa Napa, Papua New Guinea

The project consisted of:

  • Transferring approximately 3,330m3 of heel product left behind from loss of main pump suction to a sister tank
  • Cold Cutting an access sludge door in the tank wall also
  • Removal of approximately 1,910m3 of sludge from the tank and process via the SLT system, returning recovered oil to the sister tank
  • Carry out detailed clean of the tank internals for major inspection activities
  • Cold Cut three 600mm Mixer housing access ports in the tank wall with CR’s new radius cold cut machine
  • UHPW Remove paint from floor lap welds for inspection activities
  • Removal and replacement of 10 Exchanger Bundles of various sizes

Emergent work as follows:

  • Process sludge from Refinery main API basin which was cleaned by others during the project
  • Process waste oil, from external sources, stored in 1m3 IBCs

The project was managed and supervised by Robert Old, assisted by Peter Teunon and Lee Waerea as shift team leaders, plus a small crew of technicians who were supported by local labour as required. Andrew Owen visited the site for the second time as a Bundle Puller Technician to carry out Bundle Pulling activities, lending a hand with the tank cleaning in the final stages.

After a false start created by delays in PNG customs releasing the five containers of equipment, the project was carried out within schedule and budget. The hot, humid weather we encountered tested the mettle of the crew; who learned the hard way about the ramifications of heat stress during the day shifts. The Heat Stress procedure developed on the Shell Clyde Reactor Coke Removal projects was implemented and proved invaluable.

All in all a very successful project with full credit going to Robert Old; who managed a very complex operation from start to finish, with a lot of the project aspects being a first for him.

The full article can be found in the Catalyst magazine, issue 14.

[August 2011]