Intelligent Pigging for Mobil and Origin Energy

Intelligent Pigging for Mobil and Origin Energy

CR once again teamed up with GE-PII to carry out ‘in-line inspection’ (ILI) work for two major clients within Australia—Exxon Mobil in Altona, Victoria, and with Origin Energy in Roma, Queensland.

Exxon Mobil & Origin Energy
Victoria & Queensland, Australia

Pigging work (gauging, cleaning & inspection) was secured with Exxon Mobil in Altona, Victoria, and with Origin Energy in Roma, Queensland.

Mobil’s 8” aviation fuel line was gauged (the use of a specialised pigging tool to ascertain the minimum bore of any pipeline ensuring that an intelligent tool will not get stuck) and cleaned (the gradual removal of debris, that becomes lodged on the internal pipewall such as soft paraffin wax or dust, which if not removed will impede the effectiveness of the intelligent tool’s magnetic sensors). The line was then successfully inspected using GE-PII’s latest MF4 world leading technology.

Mobil were extremely happy with the outcome of this operation; It was seen as a great CR team effort by both Mobil and GE-PII who were working with us.

Recently, Contract Resources travelled to Roma in Queensland to gauge & clean Origin’s 8” & 12” coal seam gas pipelines prior to a GE-PII inspection.

The CR side of the operation was once again successfully executed with minimal problems, and both 8” & 12” lines were made ready for the ILI.

The picture below shows the series of cleaning tools that were employed in the removal of TEG liquid and dust that accumulated within the 54km 8” pipeline. An experienced GE-PII technician (assisted by CR) mechanically & electrically commissioned both the 8” MFL (magnetic flux leakage) tools before introducing them into both live pipelines.

Both inspections were successful and produced useful data.

Fully comprehensive reports (preliminary & final) are issued to clients a few weeks later; indicating any areas of concern where deep internal or external corrosion is taking place.

The full article can be found in Catalyst 12.

[December 2010]