Gap Ridge Processing Facility Opened

Gap Ridge Processing Facility Opened

Contract Resources Gap Ridge Processing Facility Opened

Contract Resources

Contract Resources achieved a major milestone on the 26th July when Mathias Cormann (Australian Federal Finance Minister) officially opened its Gap Ridge Processing Facility in Karratha. The facility is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and is a testament to the innovative spirit within the Contract Resources team.

The event had representatives from 5 different clients, 6 suppliers and 4 government departments attend the event with some guests even flying in from as far as the UK, Germany and Malaysia for the event. VIPs in attendance included Mathias Cormann (Australian Federal Finance Minister), Sherry Duhe (Woodside CFO), Jarrod Pittson (Woodside GM of Environment), Phil Reid (Woodside VP Operations), Kevin Michael (State MP – Pilbara) and Chris Adams (CEO – City of Karratha).

On behalf of the team we would like to thank all those involved for ensuring that the day was a great success.

[July 2018]