Embracing Clients leading indicator programme at Longford

Embracing Clients leading indicator programme at Longford

CR's currently part of a team at Longford, Victoria installing vessel internals on a newly constructed Gas Conditioning Plant.The entire team has confidently embraced the client’s leading indicator programme onsite, and has met and exceeded all expectations set by the Client so far.

A GCP Project
Longford in Victoria Australia

The crew’s efforts in maintaining high standards of work and a culture of safety across their whole scope of work has been particularly noted by the Client.

An impromptu mock rescue was successfully performed by our CR crew just 2-weeks into the project. The Client's feedback was very positive, complementing the team’s response time, the team’s ability to remain calm in a stressful environment, and the ability to improvise when changes were added to the rescue scenario. Next, the Client has requested a mock rescue under an inert atmosphere, which will be performed in the near future.

CR's team at Longford are currently running on schedule with zero injuries and zero major incidents and will strive to complete the project the same way by maintaining our high standards, work ethic and safety culture.

[July 2016]