Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline (DBP)

Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline (DBP)

Contract Resources have been awarded a contract for the cleaning and Intelligent Pigging of the longest pipeline in Australia.

Western Australia

After a lengthy campaign to win this work from DBP, CR has employed a specialised team of staff to ensure the success of this project.

The scope of the project involves cleaning, gauging, and intelligent pigging for integrity compliance for its two 26” pipelines. With a total length of 2700km, it’s the longest line in Australia. The project has been planned over a four month period in partnership with GE PII.

The work involves cleaning the line in sections of about 130km in length, followed by a gauging run to ensure that there are no obstacles for the GE PII intelligent pig to run – this can be a lengthy process due to the possibility of failed gauging runs or if more cleaning is required.

As a safeguard against possible tool malfunction and to ensure that we monitor our equipment during each run, we have fitted an acoustic transponder to indicate the location of the pig at all times. DBP have been deploying pipeline crew along the route at various mainline valves to listen for the pig(s) with state-of-the-art receiving equipment when it passes. This has proven to be very effective and gives us an accurate time of the arrival of any tool into the receiver trap.

The Project is being managed by Darin Turnbull from our WA operations, with two staff; Tony Guztek and Murray Liley.

[June 2011]