ConocoPhillips Bayu Undan Produced Water Degasser Clean

ConocoPhillips Bayu Undan Produced Water Degasser Clean

Towards the end of 2012 ConocoPhillips noticed that the Produced Water Degasser on the production platform (DPP) was fouling up with white fibrous material.

Bayu Undan Platform, Timor Sea

This material was blocking the produced water strainers, reducing the volume of gas / condensate the facility could process and eventually fouling the vessel itself, with the potential to shut down production completely. After extensive analysis it was concluded the fibrous material was in fact the nylon wrapping from the well packers. This tape is supposed to be removed prior to installation but it appears this may not have been the case.

With little notice, as is the way in our line of business, Contract Resources were asked to mobilise to the Bayu Undan to strip the Degasser internals, clean, and reinstate the vessel. A very diverse and competent crew comprising of Kelvin Sath, Steve Brookland, Tama Campbell, Tate Powell, Jon de Bruyn, Randy Sarvida, and Graeme Clegg was assembled for this job and they excelled offshore under sometimes trying conditions. This job was a high focus activity for ConocoPhillips that was completed several days ahead of schedule even after initial delays, thanks in part to the support offered by ConocoPhillips themselves.

The crew carried out their work in a very professional manner and were complemented by the OIM at the completion of the job for their work ethic, teamwork, and safety culture.

“It gives me pleasure to pass on recognition for Contract Resources’ performance offshore from the operations team. The following was passed on to us.

The team from Contract Resources carried out an excellent job on the CSE degasser. They maintained their high safety standards throughout the task, were very receptive to the safety suggestion we gave to them, and they worked well with the platform team.

On behalf of the facility and ourselves, thanks for an excellent effort.”

I would like to thank the crew for their outstanding work offshore, we have developed a very good relationship with ConocoPhillips over the years and results like this further cement our position as a vendor of choice.

The full article can be found in Catalyst 17

[November 2012]