Cold Cutting of Underground Fuel Tank

Cold Cutting of Underground Fuel Tank

After receiving a call to respond quickly, Peter Tuenon and Josh Wilson set off to carry out the Cold Cutting of an underground Fuel Storage tank at the Old Ford building in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

Woolloomooloo, Sydney

The cold cutting was to allow for a final clean of the tank before it was lifted out of the ground.

The project was completed safely and successfully, despite fumes generated by the sludge remaining in the tank, by using the magnetic systems for attaching the cutting rails and chain drives developed by Robert Old. A 20K HPW unit was used for the project.

The system allowed for speedy setting up and manoeuvring of the cutting rail. It was very effective as the tank was at an awkward angle being still half buried, plus it eliminated the need for any additional guides/lugs to be attached to complete the job.

[May 2012]