Chevron Barrow Island Oily Waste Disposal Pond Clean

Chevron Barrow Island Oily Waste Disposal Pond Clean

In August 2012 Contract Resources through solid reputation and proven success were able to reclaim the project of cleaning the Oily Waste Disposal Pond (OWDP) on Barrow Island. The project was originally awarded to a competitor.

Barrow Island, Australia

As the work was awarded with minimal notice we had a very short timeframe to have all equipment prepared and cleaned to a satisfactory quarantine standard, for it then to be mobilised to site for work to commence. A brilliant effort from the WA workshop staff made this happen.

The CR BWI crew consisted of Brian Horvat, Kelvin Sath, Roger Obst, Randy Sarvida, and Mitch Ewen. Brian again showed great supervisory and leadership skills both with the crew and in front of the client. Alongside Brian all of the crew performed above and beyond expectations in some very trying conditions (40°C/104°F plus) and were regularly commended by the Chevron management.

Having many restrictions placed upon the project in addition to the possible environmental concerns surrounding removing oily waste on a Class A nature reserve, the crew gained a lot of exposure from many stakeholders and senior Chevron management.

All visitors to the work site had to follow the newly placed ‘Meet & Greet’ procedure which included calling up the Supervisor for a brief walk-through and site induction. Chevron management were again extremely impressed with the crew’s professionalism as well as both their work ethic and safety culture.

The project was completed within time and budget with all delays outside of Contract Resources control. The efforts of the crew throughout this project have again furthered our relationship with Chevron, and helped secure the T301 Terminal Tank clean scheduled for late May 2013 which consists of approximately 1200m3 of oily sludge to be removed off the island.

My sincere thanks to all people involved in this project; especially the crew in the front line, it truly was a tough project and all the accolades are well deserved.

The full article can be found in Catalyst 17

[August 2012]