Chemical Decontamination of BP Bulwer Island Refinery

Chemical Decontamination of BP Bulwer Island Refinery

Contract Resources were awarded the contract to chemically decontaminate the entire BP Buwler Island Refinery in Brisbane Australia, ready for demonlition. 280 drums of chemical!

BP Bulwer Island Refinery
Brisbane, Australia

The scope of work was to remove all sluge, material, coke and asphaltenes enabling the safe extraction of bundles, packing and air gapping of columns and towers as part of standard decomissioning protocols. The project involved months of planning, up to five working fronts on each shift and the pumping over 280 drums of chemical.

With the various chemicals used we were able to clean all coke and asphaltenses from the fractionator which according to Operations has never been seen before in the lifetime of the refinery. We were also able to use chemicals to clean systems that never normally get cleaned resulting in years and years of build-up being removed.

[July 2016]