Another Unusual Bundle Pull

Another Unusual Bundle Pull

The Vales Point Power Station in NSW was the site of one of the most unique bundle pulls in the company's history.

Mechanical Maintenance Solutions
Wyee, Australia

When asked by progressive mechanical contractor Mechanical Maintenance Solutions from Morwell Victoria – who specialise in Power Station projects – to look at an unusual Bundle Pulling exercise in the Vales Point Power Station in NSW, we had to call on all past experience to come up with a solution.

The exchanger consisted of 2 bundles of different length and construction, which were attached to a single Channel Head, with an overall length of 13.5m and a weight of 22 tons, of which the Channel head weighed 6 tons alone. The properties of this bundle stretched the 45T - M004’s capabilities, even in its largest configuration, with approximately 1.5m of overhang at the front and tight clearances for the Channel Head to pass through.

Other factors that needed consideration was the location of the exchanger – deep down in the structure of the Power Station Turbine Hall, with no existing attachment points for the Bundle Puller to lock onto – plus working with a 200 ton gantry crane.

In the end a solution was formulated and the decision made by the client to use this method as it was potentially more cost effective and faster than methods used in the past, which took several days for set-up etc.

The project did not go exactly to plan but a lot of hard work and quick thinking to resolve issues as they arose by Josh Wilson and Ian Sayers ensured the bundle was safely removed and sent to WE Smiths in Coffs Harbour for its modifications. On its return the bundle was installed by Ian Sayers and Michael Fagan who ensured all went well.

Mechanical Maintenance Solutions were a great company to work with and we look forward to working with them again on similar projects.

[June 2012]