A quick response gets Yara Pilbara Fertilizers ammonia plant back to service

A quick response gets Yara Pilbara Fertilizers ammonia plant back to service

Contract Resources ability to quickly mobilise an expert team and equipment got the Yara Pilbara Fertilizers ammonia plant back to service after an emergency call just weeks before Christmas.

Yara Pilbara Fertilisers
Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia

The client was experiencing a problem with their high temperature shift reactor. There had been a temperature excursion and due to several factors there was the possibility of additional toxins that may be present as a direct result of the issues they had encountered with the vessel.

Immediately equipment was prepared, ready on site for when the crews arrived, and teams rallied to get all necessary things done to enable an efficient start to the unloading.

All work in and around the vessel had to be carried out with very strict adherence to stringent guidelines in the event contamination of the catalyst had happened. Test results for the possible contaminant could not be confirmed until after unloading work had started, therefore it was necessary to address PPE requirements as though there had been full contamination, and baseline medical testing was carried out to determine if anyone was adversely affected. To everyone’s relief testing of the spent media and around the unit proved there had in fact been no contamination.

As there had been a temperature excursion, there was fear at one point that the integrity of the vessel might have been compromised, which in turn would have created significant repercussions to the running of the plant. Thankfully, all metallurgical testing proved the vessel structure had not in fact received any damage and once this had been proved, the loading of new media could continue.

The true team approach both from the Client and Contract Resources was significant in a swift and successful media change out under extremely trying circumstances.

[December 2015]