Mobil Altona Environmental Award

Mobil Altona Environmental Award

Contract Resources’ Mobil Altona operations have been presented with an environmental award from ExxonMobil management.

Melbourne, Australia

The award was in recognition of our professional approach in assisting the environmental group to find and implement solutions to issues Mobil was having with their waste water; which had a high level of mercury particulates in suspension.

Filter banks and filters were sourced and built in a very short time, and crews worked around the clock filtering out mercury particulates, sampling day and night, so plans could be made each day to capture, test, treat, and release water meeting EPA specifications.

The NOTS (no oil to sewer) program saw a great result; with all hydrocarbons captured and transferred into slop tanks. This was the first time that all hydrocarbons onsite were captured at once, instead of sections of the shut down areas.

The DMDS injection was also recognised as a great success, as this was the first time there were no odour complaints from odours venting from storage tanks or flares. This was achieved because of the extra work put in to design, build, and manage the DMDS odours as the CHD was being sulphided.

The trade waste agreement was kept within acceptable margins, which resulted in no EPA fines. The refinery has just entered into a new agreement with the EPA which is very strict, and carries high penalties for non compliance.

The award was accepted by Kevin Banks and his team, and they deserve recognition for the work and thought that went into solving these and other problems for their Client.

The full article can be found in the Catalyst magazine, issue 14.

[January 2012]