Mobil Altona CLR Catalyst Change Out

Mobil Altona CLR Catalyst Change Out

Our clients are continually challenging us to test “SITE NORMS”. At Mobil Altona, the Site Maintenance team were challenged to execute a catalyst change on the CLR dryer, without the need for an inert entry and mobilisation of a complete project crew and equipment.

Mobil Altona
Victoria, Australia

With the site team’s previous experience and a few calls to experienced catalyst techs, we established that this was achievable. By filling the reactor with water to deactivate the catalyst, we eliminated the requirement for an inert entry, and with vacuum loading interceptors from the top of the vessel, we were able to remove 95% of the catalyst from outside and minimise the time staff were required to work in the confined space which is what the client was most pleased with.

Working with the Site Operations and Process Engineering teams, the catalyst change was executed on time and with cost savings to the business, whilst delivering little disruption to the unit and now Setting New Standard’s onsite with the execution of catalyst dryer change outs.

[August 2016]