Client Recognition in 2015

Client Recognition in 2015

Origin Energy, GE Energy and Mobil Altona Refinery were among satisfied customers acknowledging the hard work of Contract Resources personnel in 2015.


Origin Energy Resources (Kupe)

During the shutdown Contract Resources were asked to work on several remote sites. At one site in particular the work scope changed and the supervisor (Mike Dillon) demonstrated outstanding leadership and the ability to make swift accurate decisions resulting in no lost time for the task. At our other site as well as completing their appointed tasks which included three different work fronts the supervisor (Robyn Ngaia) and his team found time to fulfil a rescue demonstration for our HSE department. Robyn and his team showed exceptional professionalism during the entire RKM Wellsite campaign.

– Andy Greenhill, Origin Energy Resources (Kupe) Ltd

GE Energy

We would like to thank CR-Boom on the following…

The generator change-out at WTG2, Boco Rock Wind Farm by Contract Resources/Boom Logistics was a flawless execution.

From the initial arrival onsite, (day before gen change–out) CR-Boom fully engaged with the GE Service Team…Providing their professional advice on best process, including, SWMS, personnel qualifications & the lifting plan.

The first day, CR-Boom took full control of the operation, arranging crane parts the designated area, built the crane and arranged the new generator to the turbine location ready for the next day lift. The day of the lift commenced early morning and was complete before late morning… including a slight stoppage for fog.

The whole process, including induction of personnel, kick off meeting on process, delivery of crane plus parts, installation of new generator, was completed less than two days…mitigating customer concerns and minimizing the loss of availability. Good job!

– David Brown, Site Manager, GE Energy

Mobil Altona Refinery

Kevin – I would just like to recognize and thank your team for the efforts they put in yesterday in cleaning the inside of the spent acid tank in the alkylation unit. This task carried significant risk. To enter a very hostile environment inside the tank and safely retrieve approximately 700 litres of spent acid without incident was very impressive.

The attention and professionalism they showed in the preparation made my job a lot easier. Can you please pass on my gratitude to all those who helped.

– John Eldridge, Day Operations, Mobil Altona Refinery

[December 2015]