Specialised Industrial Hazardous Waste Management

The management and disposal of mercury contaminated by-product is a growing challenge for Australian Oil & Gas producers, with the exportation of hazardous waste becoming legislatively and ethically complex.

Our solutions driven team – with a strong history of working within high-risk work environments - identified the need for a viable Australian / local solution. A specialised environmentally friendly full life-cycle processing service for mercury contaminated waste, delivered by an experienced local partner aligned with Australia's LNG industry values.

A highly specialised hazardous waste facility

The result is Gap Ridge Processing Facility - a multi-million dollar, Class 4.2 Dangerous Goods secure storage, processing and purification facility to be built on Contract Resources’ Karratha site ready for operation by early 2018.

  • Gap Ridge Processing Facility is the first of its kind in Australia
  • Able to isolate amongst other things, mercury, hydrocarbons, water and solids from a range of contaminated byproducts
  • Uses proven, cutting edge technology supplied by our partner ECON Industries Systems Gmbh of Germany and means we can now process byproducts near source, quickly, and in an environmentally sustainable manner

An innovative customer solution

The Karratha processing facility resolves many of the current problems facing Australian LNG producers. It offers a local state of the art, environmentally sustainable solution to processing hazardous waste by-products and eliminates the risks of other disposal options such as prolonged hazardous goods storage and complex international transportation and disposal.

With the combination of Econ's superior technology and our experience in mercury plant operations, Contract Resources can be trusted to uphold the reputation of the Australian LNG market

With this new facility Contract Resources now offer a full life cycle industrial service:

  • Integrated Shutdown Planning
  • Bespoke Equipment and Experienced Personnel
  • Unplanned Response and Critical Path Service
  • Maintenance and Shutdown Productivity
  • Hazard Removal and Decontamination
  • Hazardous Material Management

An unprecedented commitment to safety

Having undertaken decontamination of oil and gas facilities for over 25 years, Contract Resources is well positioned to provide end to end specialised management services. Contract Resources is an ISO 9001 certified company with proven quality management systems in place. We’re accustomed to handling hazardous materials and have Dangerous Goods and Controlled Waste carrier licenses as part of our existing operations.