Shutdown & Turnaround Services

Contract Resources continues to set new standards in the refining and process sectors, offering a complete turnaround service.

Not just the supply of labour and equipment, Contract Resources combines purpose built equipment and highly skilled, fully utilised teams. This allows Contract Resources to deliver a range of services; from project planning and estimating, through to safety and quality planning, and ultimately the execution of the work, ensuring a rapid turnaround with minimum downtime for our clients. Key operational services delivered include;

  • Specialised mechanical services
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Access Solutions (Scaffolding and Rope Access)
  • Insulation (Hot, Cold and Acoustic)
  • Catalyst Unloading and Loading
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning

Planning & Management

Contract Resources have the ability to put our experts on site months in advance of a shutdown; planning, organising, and managing our people and subcontractors from start to finish.

Combining our holistic approach to managing shutdowns with our multi-skilled workforce means we are able to provide a 'blinds to blinds' service; completing the entire project from pre-planning, through to the final stages before the plant is reactivated.

By providing or managing all parties, Contract Resources are able to operate rapidly, adapt to changing circumstances and requirements quickly, and still be one of the safest companies in the industry today.

Cost Effectiveness

Contract Resources can become involved at any stage from planning though execution of a turnaround. Due to Contract Resources unrivalled ability to offer a 'blinds to blinds' service, we can provide input at every stage of the turnaround, ultimately helping our client to diminish cost, time, and organisational barriers.

Contract Resources works closely with the client from beginning to end, placing a large focus on the debriefing stage of a turnaround; identifying further improvements, cost savings, and best practices.

Recent Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Contract Resources frequently complete major projects around the globe. For an up to date list, check the Showcase section.