Pipeline Services

Contract Resources has several different technologies available for the cleaning of pipelines. With a combination of technologies both internal and external, we are able to clean and inspect most pipelines in existence today. With removal of extremely hard or large volume deposits using our IPV technology, removal of scale and coke build-ups with DDT piggs, and removal of wax and product with general pigg operations, Contract Resources is able to offer a wide range of pipeline services.

One Pass Cleaning Efficiency with the IPV System

The patented In Pipe Vehicle (IPV) system is a result of many years of R&D, and its applications are ever expanding. Our team of innovative engineers can design and deliver specialised cutters and accessories for a multitude of applications; including cutters incorporating rock drilling technologies to break down very hard deposits and Bead Cutters for removing weld beads in Polyethylene Pipe systems. All waste material is removed at the cutter face, resulting in true one-pass efficiency.

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You can also watch a short video on the IPV system.

DDT Pigging for the Removal of Coke, Scale, and Hard Pipeline Deposits

The DDT Pigging system is the most advanced cleaning method available for decoking fired heaters and removing hard pipeline deposits unable to be removed by conventional means. It is designed to accommodate interchangeable cleaning appendages and studs, and its patened design allows it to traverse U-bends and short-radius elbows.

The DDT process is bi-directional; allowing the cleaning pigg to traverse the heater tubes or pipeline in both directions. This is the only process with the ability to direct the pigg to focus on areas with increased contamination.

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General Pigging

Contract Resources are able to supply a wide range of foam, gauging, cleaning, and disposable piggs for general pipeline cleaning and maintenance.

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