Industrial Coatings Services

Contract Resources continues to set new standards in specialised industrial coatings. A range of the latest technologies, resulting in the ultimate protection of your assets is provided by a genuinely multi-skilled workforce.

Our technical department can advise on both the optimum surface preparation technique and coating chemistry. Superior performance and productivity is guaranteed whilst maintaining a safety record that sets us apart from others in the industry. The Contract Resources name stands for quality and technical expertise with the company being ISO-9001 certified.

Coating Application

Specialised coatings application is done by way of one of our many airless spray units ranging from 45/1 to 80/1 plus plural component, conventional, roller and brush.

Contract Resources have highly skilled teams assembled to match the requirements of each job:

  • Certified Protective Coatings Inspectors (NACE & ACA trained) are certified in coating specification selection
  • Technicians are assessed in blasting and painting to ensure the best result in the industry and further trained in confined space entry, EWP, rope access, offshore, and first aid

Surface Preparation

Removal of resins, rubber, bitumen, GRP, epoxy coatings and corrosion products is completed using the optimum method or combination of methods for each job.

  • Environmental impact resulting from traditional abrasive blasting and HydroJetting techniques, to remove toxic coatings, is avoided using the UHP SpiderJet in conjunction with our proprietary waste containment and recycling system
  • HP and UHP hydrojetting methods are also used for coating removal and surface cleaning when abrasives cannot be used due to dust restrictions and encapsulation is not possible
  • Abrasive Blasting using the mega blast system allows four blasting nozzles to be run consecutively and continuously for 8 hours prior to refilling. Single and double blast hoppers are available for smaller works

Offshore Capabilities

All protective coating work can also be completed offshore. Our pump equipment and accessories are manufactured to meet the offshore oil and gas industry specifications and requirements, and technicians are Rope Trained; making scaffolding unnecessary.

This combination allows small, unobtrusive teams to complete large or difficult protective coatings operations efficiently and safely.


Contract Resources has an extensive store of all standard and specialised equipment required for abrasive blasting and painting.

Ultra high-pressure pumps and accessories, like the Aquajet and the Spiderjet 3000, prepare surfaces for coating without the environmental problems associated with traditional abrasive blasting methods.

Waste is contained by special vacuum units so toxic materials like lead can be handled safely and economically while water is filtered for reuse; significantly reducing environmental impact.


Contract Resources prides itself at being more than a specialised services company, offering solutions to specific problems, not just the supply of labour and equipment. A multi-skilled workforce together with invaluable industry experience and purpose built equipment results in safety conscious, highly productive, fully utilised teams; significantly decreasing shutdown time.

  • We collaborate with clients to ensure work scope and best practices are identified and implemented
  • Specialists in a number of methods when repairing and lining storage tanks and vessels, our knowledge is utilised to preferentially select the optimal coating systems to repair and line storage tanks and vessels
  • Surface preparation methods as well as coating types and application techniques are continuously being improved; a reflection of Contract Resource‚Äôs dedication to innovation and industry leadership

Zero Harm

Contract Resources' key value is zero harm; focused on care for Health, Safety, Community and Environment with a target of zero incidents. This is achieved utilising a fulltime safety management team to provide internationally recognised and respected safety training programs and systems.

  • Highly-skilled trainers provide specialised, tailored training and refresher courses to OSHA standards utilising superior in-house and external facilities
  • Our highly trained personnel and project supervisors are BOSIET qualified with requisite certified skills in coating application, surface preparation, emergency response, confined space entry, breathing apparatus (helmet and mask systems), advanced first aid and rescue techniques, height safety training, rope access, and gas detection and monitoring