Heat Exchanger Services

Contract Resources continues to set new standards in specialised high and ultra-high pressure hydro-jetting services for the petrochemical, refining, manufacturing and utility sectors.

Contract Resources is able to provide a complete, 'blinds to blinds' service for the cleaning of Heat Exchangers (Tube Bundles). We achieve this by owning all the necessary equipment for cleaning; Bundle Lifters, Bundle Pullers, and a wide range of high and ultra high-pressure automated water jetting equipment, combined with our skilled technicians and operators.

By employing the latest technology and equipment with a genuinely multi-skilled workforce we ensure optimal performance and productivity, whilst maintaining a safety record that sets us apart from others in the industry.

Tube Bundle Extractors

Our hydraulic tube bundle extractors prevent damage to bundles caused by their extraction and dramatically decrease time taken. Easy to use in small spaces, the extractor can handle almost any horizontal bundle with all hydraulic functions remotely controlled for optimal operator safety.

Tube bundle extractors are self contained units, which are easily lifted into position by just one crane and can work independently in any location. The special lifting frame is constructed to ensure maximum reach into the construction and ease of offloading. Due to the use of a pulling hook mechanism, the massive power of up to 40,000 kgf is compensated against the shell flange, removing the risk of damage to our clients' expensive assets.

Tube Bundle Lifters

Our hydraulic Tube Bundle Lifters are further able to decrease the time taken in the cleaning process, while also increasing operator safety. Using a wireless remote, a single operator is able to control a lifter from a safe distance.

The 30 ton capacity of a lifter means that almost all standard tube bundles can be moved in this way, and the 3.6m long plates used to support the bundle avoid damage or mechanical stress to the unit.

Hydro-Jetting Services

Contract Resources has the most flexible high performance High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Hydro-Jetting equipment and associated safety devices available. Designing and investing in innovative cleaning attachments, safety backout preventers, and automatic internal and external remote exchanger tube bundle cleaners ensures safe operator positioning and maximum cleaning efficiency. Furthermore, cleaning of exchanger shells and components is automated, fast and risk free, and designed to focus water pressure generated to the work face.

Experienced operators ensure the optimum method selection for each application applying specialised tools, fit for purpose lances and nozzles, automated equipment, abrasives, and chemical solutions to ensure every project is completed in record time and passes inspection first time.

Pad & In-Situ Tube Cleaning

By completely automating the previously manual process, Contract Resources have transformed this once high risk process into a safe, efficient, high quality alternative method of cleaning heat exchanger and condenser bundles. All waste water and effluent can be recovered and recycled; significantly reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

Contract Resources specialised equipment is suitable for cleaning all in-situ bundles, Fin-Fan coolers, condensers, furnaces and standard heat exchangers in preparation for Iris or EDDY current inspection. Controlled remotely, flexible lances can be configured for the removal of extremely hard deposits.

No reworks will be necessary.

On-line Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination

As part of Contract Resources' core services, Chemical Cleaning can be an excellent alternative to off-line mechanical cleaning. The use of proprietary processes and chemicals (Such as DECAMEX®) and purpose-built circulation equipment to suit any situation or contaminant enables the cleaning of heat exchangers while your plant remains on-line.

Procedures and safe guards are tailored specifically for each application to take account of different contaminants and temperatures ensuring an optimal clean without incident or loss of production.

Contract Resources has a proven record in significantly increasing cooling capacity and corresponding plant efficiency.


Contract Resources have consistently changed the critical path in shut-downs where tube exchanger cleaning was the bottle-neck and can now remove this activity from the project critical path.

The combination of our Safety, Quality and Productivity performance combined with our expertise and innovative, automated equipment ensures that we are the most efficient team in the industry, resulting in labour savings over 30%.

  • 50-75% reduction in cleaning time due to automated external and three and five-lance tube internal equipment
  • Clients are assured the standard of cleanliness required for modern inspection techniques is achieved, first time

Zero Harm

Contract Resources' key value is zero harm; focused on care for Health, Safety, Community and Environment. This is achieved utilising a fulltime safety management team to provide internationally recognized and respected safety training programs and systems.

  • HydroJetting made safe through innovative mechanised and automated exchanger cleaning
  • Fit-for-purpose choice of cleaning method and subsequent development of specific HSE procedures achieves the best results for our clients in all circumstances
  • HydroJetting Technicians attend both the IFAP Hydroblasting Course and the CR High Pressure Water Technicians Course
  • Mechanical training is provided to all team members and our Bundle Pulling and Lifting operators undergo rigorous, lengthy training before operating this equipment