Catalyst Handling & Mechanical Services

Contract Resources continue to set new standards in reactor, mechanical, and catalyst handling services to oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and offshore platforms. By providing a genuinely multi-skilled workforce we ensure optimal performance and productivity, while maintaining a safety record that sets us apart from others in the industry.

We supply refineries and petrochemical plants with superior equipment and staff. As a result of this commitment we can offer a complete, 'blinds to blinds', range of services for both on and offshore purposes. This includes the commissioning and maintaining of catalytic reactors, columns, and vessels; by one integrated team. Contract Resources is committed to best practice operations, and as such is constantly developing new methods or improvements for both inert and non-inert entries, as well as non-entry catalyst removal.

The Contract Resources name stands for quality and technical expertise with the company being ISO-9001 certified.

Catalyst Handling Services

By utilising a specially trained workforce and purpose-built equipment, Contract Resources can execute catalyst projects efficiently and safely; with minimal delays from fusing, minimal catalyst attrition, and excellent dust control systems.

  • Pre-commissioning of reactors and vessels
  • Services in inert and toxic atmospheres, plus hot and hostile environments
  • Reactor cooling utilising a proprietary liquid Nitrogen system
  • Unloading and loading of catalyst under inert or normal atmospheres
  • Dense Phase Loading systems for the transfer of catalyst directly from grade to reactor manway, without the use of Cranes and Hoppers.
  • Innovative, purpose built-equipment ensuring low catalyst attrition rate
  • Catalyst sampling and particle measurement
  • Vacuum unloading with closed loop nitrogen re-circulation
  • Catalyst transportation, storage, and containment (UN approved)
  • Catalyst loading of reactors using UOP┬« dense loading and conventional techniques
  • Tubular Reformer loadings using Unidense┬« loading and conventional techniques
  • Pre-sulphiding (DMDS Injection)
  • Metals reclamation and disposal of materials
  • Video inspection and assessment
  • Shutdown planning, coordination and execution

Mechanical Services

Contract Resources has a comprehensive range of mechanical services for the installation, revamp, and repair of reactors, columns, and vessels. We are a major provider of internal column refurbishment services to the oil and gas industry and have wide-ranging general fitting capabilities.

  • Vessel blinding and isolation
  • Vessel repairs, de-bottlenecking, and internal modifications
  • Cold cutting using Ultra High Pressure water
  • On site store for supply of internals, spares, and componentry
  • Specialised welding and repairs
  • Ultra-thermic and plasma cutting
  • Preparation for weld inspection
  • Bolt tensioning, bolt torquing, and nut splitting
  • Plant preservation and demolition
  • Chemical cleaning and decontamination


Contract Resources' ability to work on critical path items and deliver them in record time is second to none. More than a specialised services company, we offer solutions to specified problems, not just the supply of labour and equipment. Our in-house design and engineering capabilities ensure continuous improvement and supply of state of the art equipment; when and where required.

Supplying genuinely multi-skilled teams, selected for individual projects being undertaken, ensures minimum down time and maximum reactor/catalyst life.

  • We collaborate with clients to ensure work scope and best practices are identified and implemented
  • Reactor technicians are highly trained and selected on their work ethic, technical knowledge, and ability to perform work safely
  • Dedicated and experienced safety personnel ensure jobs are done safely and efficiently
  • The modular, purpose-built equipment made in Contract Resources' workshops have a small footprint; making transportation and organisation on site much easier.

Zero Harm

Contract Resources' key value is zero harm; focused on care for Health, Safety, Community and Environment. This is achieved utilising a fulltime safety management team to provide internationally recognised and respected safety training programs and systems to ISO-9001.

  • Highly skilled trainers utilise superior, unique in-house facilities to provide specialised, tailored training and refresher courses to OSHA standards. These include confined space entry, breathing apparatus (helmet and mask systems), advanced first aid and rescue techniques, height safety training, rope access, gas detection and monitoring etc
  • Specialised equipment, designed by our dedicated Equipment Innovations Group with input from our operations personnel, increases safety and enhances performance
  • Contract Resources frequently provides site safety and rescue teams during shutdowns and other hazardous activities.