Management Systems

With global operations, mobile equipment and staff, dozens of different services and skills, and over 600 employees, Contract Resources has grown into a complex business. To ensure our operations are as smooth as possible, we’ve created our own IT systems that can be used by any employee, anywhere.

Cyber Office

Contract Resources uses a custom-built Web based IT Management system that enables all staff to access all key documents and carry out all business functions; wherever they are in the world.

As well as facilitating our internal administrative tasks, the Cyber Office allows staff to track assets, access our Safety systems; including Incident Reporting and the Corrective Action System, and view detailed reports on planning, project, human resource, and health and safety activities.

There are also inbuilt customer reporting functions for projects to ensure the client is kept up to date at all times on cost and progress.

Job Management System (JMS)

In addition to the Cyber Office, Contract Resources uses the Job Management System (JMS). JMS is a custom-built Web based IT Management system; designed for collecting data for payroll and debtor invoicing.

A major strength of the system is its ability to bring together multiple data sets to enable the generation of many different types of reports for both internal and external use. JMS reports include; project costs, payroll, hours worked by personnel and equipment, invoices, and comparisons of budget vs. actual. As well as export/import capability with Excel, custom reports have been made for clients; containing data relevant to their own systems and methodologies.

As information is used across several different areas of the business, data re-entry is largely avoided; saving time and increasing efficiency. The system can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, and information such as hours worked for personnel and equipment, material costs, and mobilisation hours can all be entered on-site; using the signed originals from supervisors or clients. This ability helps avoid data loss on site, and ensures a high degree of accuracy in reporting to clients both internal and external.