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03 1989-2014 25 YEARS SETTING NEW STANDARDS 1989-2014 25 YEARS 01 25 Years Young SETTING NEW STANDARDS 02 FROM THE FOUNDER 25 Years Young Not so long ago I was asked by a young member of the CR team to discuss the history of CR as background for new promotional material. I started by reflecting on the major events that had caused serious problems for the company notably two Gulf wars several international financial crises the Asian currency crisis our separation from our business partners in Asia and what is now called the GFC. I soon realised that many of these events occurred before younger members of the company had even finished primary school. To me they seem like yesterday so its a great example of how time does indeed fly. CRs ability to prosper despite these interruptions and the day to day challenges of running a business is due in no small part to the loyalty and commitment of its staff. In the early days in particular we asked them to go to places no one else wanted to visit and do jobs that no one else wanted to touch. Christmas and other important family times were spent in places like Kharg Island in Iran Balongan in Indonesia Mailiao in Taiwan and Aruba in the Caribbean. Twenty five years ago these places had little infrastructure so the guys had to be resourceful to say the least and not too choosy about what they ate. There was no email and telephone services were usually poor and expensive. This put a huge strain on families who seldom knew when the projects would finish. It is fair to say that the success of these projects provided the cornerstone on which CR was built with many stories originating from staff working on them now becoming a part of the companys folklore. Through the early years we received wonderful support from a handful of individuals who gave us the benefit of their wisdom operational expertise and sometimes financial assistance when we really needed it. Max Gardner Norm Reynolds and Habbo Edens come to mind and the founders will always be grateful for their help. There is a small group of New Zealand and Australian clients who also gave us their support unequivocally when Contract Resources was just a name on a piece of paper. The New Zealand Refining Company now Refining New Zealand Petrochem now Ballance Agri-Nutrients Synfuels now Methanex and Mobil awarded us shutdown projects on which we built an international reputation. We are proud that these clients continue to support CR today. Finally a comment on my fellow founders. Despite the challenges of the last twenty five years we all still sit down frequently laugh about the past and enjoy each others company. I wonder how many people who have been through similar experiences would still have that camaraderie Sharon Gray Trevor and Frank thank you for your unwavering support from the outset. Hopefully as CR continues to grow our resilience over twenty five years will give confidence to the new team as they tackle an everchanging business environment. I wish you all luck and know that you are in safe hands. Bill Stretton Founder 1989-2014 25 YEARS 03 Bill Sharon Stretton Despite the challenges of the last twenty five years we all still sit down frequently laugh about the past and enjoy each others company. SETTING NEW STANDARDS 04 The Founding Partners In 1989 Bill and Sharon Stretton Frank Reynolds and Gray Gardner formed Contract Resources GSR Ltd. The image opposite was one of the first concept drawings used to present the new CR logo which remains relatively unchanged today. 1989-2014 25 YEARS 05 The work no one else wanted to do 01. Waste processing equipment can drastically reduce the amount of product to be disposed of 02. A newly created Truck and Vacuum unit leave our Adelaide Workshop 03. Vacuum Procedure Training in progress 04. Installing Top Bed Filters in a Hydrocracker Reactor 05. Technicians prepare to move a Tube Bundle for cleaning and inspection 01 02 04 03 05 In the early days these were the projects Contract Resources took on. Our first major project just a few months after we established was one of the biggest oil refinery catalyst change-out projects in the world at the time. The client was the New Zealand Refining Company and the year was 1990. At the time these were the largest Hydrocrackers in the Southern Hemisphere and we even set a new record for the safe completion time of the project. Next we knocked on the doors of heavy industrial companies in Australia and Asia and asked them to show us the jobs no one else wanted to do the projects the other guys had walked away from because they were too hard. Let us have a look at them we said. Over the last twenty five years weve expanded into a worldleading multi-national inventing and incorporating leading technology. We have also made operational advancements that the industry has adopted as the new standards. There is still a lot we want to achieve and we hope this book goes some distance to share images and thoughts of the journey thus far. SETTING NEW STANDARDS 06 Our Mission Zero Harm Care for health safety community and environment. People Our most valuable resource. Customers Working together for continuous improvement. Setting new standards in specialised industrial services. Our Values Our organisational mission and values were carefully crafted by the original founders of CR and reflect the beliefs of that group and the type of company CR wanted to become. They aim to identify what was deemed important to shape and support the company culture i.e. the way we do things at CR and guide us in our actions and decisions to meet our organisational goals. Our values have served us well to date and positioned us for the next stage of our journey. 1989-2014 25 YEARS 07 Teamwork Performance through teamwork. Delivery Changing the critical path by exceeding expectations. Presentation Proud to stand out. Innovation Leading in innovative technology and performance. Quality 100 right first time. Sustainability Commercially successful. SETTING NEW STANDARDS 08 1989 1989 1991 1996 1997 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 CR incorporated and first office established in Auckland NZ. First major project for NZR NZ Refinery and first offices opened in Adelaide Australia. Established in Asia first catalyst changeout in Singapore for Shell Bukom and first teams working in the Middle East. First project for Woodside in Australia. Bundle pulling on Rankin A Platform. First major projects for Methanex Waitara Valley. Completed NZR hydrocrackers for the 4th consecutive time and completed first projects in Malaysia. Base established in Thailand and first major turnaround projects secured. Completion of major CCR revamp and bundle extraction project for Ampol in Queensland Australia. Completed first projects in Taiwan and Korea and first DDT projects completed in Asia. Achieved UOP dense loading certification acquired SITA Waste management and HBR assets in Thailand. Commencement of long term contracts at Caltex Lytton QLD and Caltex Kurnell NSW. Sale of Asia business and refocus on Australia New Zealand and Americas and first project completed in Chile for ENAP. Commenced alliance with Transfield Services and commenced long term contracts at Shell Clyde and Mobil Altona and Adelaide. 1989. The first CR office located at Luke Street Otahuhu in New Zealand 1991. First office opened in Singapore 1996. The CR Thailand Offices and Yard 1997. New reactor internals are prepared for installation on our first project in Korea Timeline 1989-2014 25 YEARS 09 2003 2007 2011 2014 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Oman office opened. First project completed in Argentina. Purchase Transfield Coatings business in NSW and first use of automated exchanger cleaning equipment. Cooperation agreement formed with Nexxo in Chile. First project secured in Trinidad. Company turns 25 in October commenced Saudi Arabian JV with JAL JACR and completed first project in Kuwait. Established and opened office in Houston and formed JV Catalyst Handling Resources with CHSC. CR Middle East office established in UAE and Qatar. Hellaby Holdings NZ acquire 85 stake in CR. Awarded our first offshore project with Apache Energy in WA Australia our first project for ExxonMobil Chalmette in the USA and for InterOil in PNG. First projects completed in Egypt and Cooperation agreement formed with IPSG. Purchased 80 of CHSC business and consolidated USA operations in CHR. Purchased TriTech Industrial Coatings in Darwin and first project completed in Oman. ISO 9001 Certification achieved SLT project for Santos and first Woodside on shore project completed. Planning and Supervision provided to Sasref turnaround project in Saudi Arabia. Rangatira NZ acquire 50 Stake in CR and CR purchases major shareholding in DDT International. 2003. Our first offshore crew begin their HUET Training in Perth Australia 2007. The Ann Street office and workshop in Houston Texas 2011. Andy Wells and Anil Mani officially open the new offices in Oman 2014. Ross Jury and Mansour Al Akeel sign JACR into effect in Saudi Arabia with senior members of CR JAL and Hellaby Holdings present 10 01 02. The Kharg Island tank cleaning project in Iran - 1991 03. Peter Russell assists the crane driver to move a pulled bundle onsite - 1992 04. Historic CR visit to Saudi Arabia - Front to Back Peter Russell Mike Fitzpatrick Mike Conneely Andy Wells Ian Ivey and Tony Walsh - 1992 05. CR Australia build a Waste Treatment Plant in the engineering yard - 1992 03 02 04 01 05 Looking Back 1989-2014 25 YEARS 11 06. Bundle Pulling at Synfuels Now Methanex Motonui in NZ - 1993 07. Sean Pegan Steve Lindsay Peter Thew and David Paulke during training in NZ - 1994 08. Peter Russell works on the first Wet Ring Vacuum pump for CR Australia - 1993 09. Australias First Vacuum Truck - 1994 10. Training in the NZ suburbs. Who knows what the Neighbours thought - 1994 06 07 08 09 10 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 12 11. The first Australian Water Blaster 220 HP - 1994 12. A tired and dirty Ray Russell works inside a CCR unit - 1995 13. The first Australian staff Christmas party - 1995 14. Training taking place in NZ - 1995 15. Equipment heads to site for a project in WA Australia - 1995 16. Mechanical revamp works being completed in Korea - 1997 17. The CR Thailand opening party L to R - Frank Reynolds Gray Gardner Erin Sinclair Bill Stretton and Trevor Penny - 1997 18. The Adelaide Magna Court Office in SA Australia - 1997 11 13 16 17 18 14 15 12 1989-2014 25 YEARS 13 19. The initial crew and agent for Korea - 1997 20. The official opening of CR Thailand is celebrated by Gray Gardner and Peter Cheshire - 1997 21. The Thai Garden Welcome Board for the official opening of CR Thailand - 1997 22. A young Steve Iremonger and Peter Smith onsite - 1998 23. Trevor Penny inside a reactor in Korea - 1997 24. After work drinks in Thailand - 1998 19 23 24 20 21 22 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 14 25. The CR Asia Lunch Room L to R - Nick Van Looy Paul Thew Steve Lindsay and Steve Iremonger - 1998 26. Waterblasting in Thailand - 1998 27. The fleet at Adelaide - 1999 28. The first Perth office in WA Australia - 2004 29. A BBQ at the Adelaide Workshop - 1999 30. Cold weather in Punta Arenas Chile saw many volunteering to be inside the vessel - 2005 25 14 29 30 15 16 26 27 28 1989-2014 25 YEARS 15 31. A Kiwi and Chilean crew after changeout works - 2006 32. Equipment on site in South Taranaki NZ - 2007 33. The CR Brisbane office in QLD Australia - 2008 34. Specialised Catalyst Vacuum Units are made for the USA markets - 2009 35. The CR Abu Dhabi offices open in the United Arab Emirates - 2013 31 32 33 34 35 16 SETTING NEW STANDARDS FROM THE CEO AND SHAREHOLDER 25 Years of Setting New Standards Having an oil rig in our front paddock as a child working on the construction of the worlds first commercial gas to liquids plant now Methanex Motonui and the expansion of the NZRC refinery now Refining NZ have provided a lifelong connection with the Oil and Gas industry. Back in 1977 I distinctly recall feeling the heat emitting from the 8 Kapuni pipeline fire which blew out not far from my family farm. This incident serves as a reminder to me of the dangers associated with living and working in a heavily oil and gas focused community. I was fortunate enough to work on the first Turnaround at Motonui in the 80s and then at the expanded NZRC refinery where I met Trevor Penny and Ross Jury for the first time. A few years later I joined the CR team working in the Middle East on Turnarounds. It was evident right from those very early days that a culture of setting new standards would be a constant for an ambitious young company. From its early beginnings in NZ in 1989 to the global business it is today the achievements of the founders and staff of CR is truly amazing. More impressive is that our first staff member is still working for us today and we are still providing services to our very first customers. We continue to be recognised as leaders in our field and for the standards we set. This continued success can be attributed to the can do and safety focused attitude of our staff and the fact that we are a strong solutions driven company culture. Our unique blend of people work ethic skills focus and attitude create a company culture that sets us apart to successfully operate in the sectors and regions we do. We are extremely proud of our company and strive to present and uphold ourselves in a consistently high manner. The key to this is our people. At the core of our operations lies our training and development investment in a highly skilled workforce that works safely and efficiently in hazardous and challenging environments and locations. Our people are in turn supported by the development of innovative and specialised equipment and processes designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers. These achievements are a product of constantly applied disciplines and the stability of an engaged leadership team that is motivated by surpassing customer satisfaction standards. This team understand that as our customers evolve so must our standards to satisfy them. Our focus on standards has served the business very well in the past and acts as our compass to set deliver and surpass new standards into the future. Please join with me in celebrating all that we have achieved over the last 25 years to build a great company renown for setting new standards as we look forward to achieving even greater things in the years to come. Andrew Wells CEO 1989-2014 25 YEARS 17 Andrew Wells From its early beginnings in NZ in 1989 to the global business it is today the achievements of the founders and staff of CR is truly amazing. 18 SETTING NEW STANDARDS FROM THE DIRECTOR FOUNDER AND SHAREHOLDER First Beginnings Bill Frank and I started the company in October 1989. This entailed a trip to the Lawyers offices. I was in a suit for once while Bill was as casual as a freshly resigned general manager can be with no work ahead of him and a family to provide for. Frank was there as an interested observer. Office necessities such as desks kettles chairs and whiteboards were purchased from Fire Sale Auctions as the fallout from the crash of 87 continued to send business to the wall. Our operation was well set up with no work but lots of encouragement from the cold calls being made to any and all of our earlier business contacts. Finally as the working capital dwindled Bill was talking to a University friend Mitch Venning who worked at an agri-chemical company called NuFarm who suggested that they may have a task that needed doing. The Business Plan that ran to Specialised Coatings and Industrial Services was instantly adjusted to include whatever we could get. Mitchs firm had a shipment of salt from China that had become wet during transport and had rotted the bags it was shipped in so the material required re-bagging. Simple enough. The twenty or so pallets of material were located in a Store outside of Te Awamutu New Zealand. So Bill myself and a team of enthusiastic vacationing summer students headed south from Auckland very early to carry out our first Industrial Services contract. The storage shed was in a rural area outside of town with plenty of space outside to move the material around. We had our team in their safety PPE. The Forklift licensed driver seemed to know which way it should be pointed and the hand-held industrial sewing machine to seal the new bags didnt seem too difficult to master. Then someone uttered the fateful words should have this cut by lunch. The salt once wet and allowed to dry again had set harder than 30 MPA concrete. The simple task of tipping the material out of the old bag and into the new bag also now involved the smashing of pillow sized slabs of basalt hard salt-rock that could not be tempted into being put back in a similar sized bag More sledge hammers and picks were purchased from the nearby town and a system set in place. The fact that our team of students were full of enthusiasm but lacked manual labour skills quickly became evident as even before smoko someone had sowed their hand to a bag. Bill was called on to fulfil his duty as Supervisor and administered First Aid. Very soon after smoko another team member cut their hand on a steel funnel being used to assist with the work. This needed another trip to town. The morning soon slipped away. Bill returned and with two of the team reduced to Quality Control he was now required on the front line. The rest of the day was spent getting the bagging done while trying not to sweat too much as the salt reacted with the moisture to create an unpleasant burning sensation. Blisters were common as any mechanised system soon degraded into good old hammer and shovel work. To this day Bill is happy to display a blister scar that he has on his hand due to this job. The work was completed as the sun was setting. It was a very quiet trip back to Auckland for a tired crew and a crest fallen management team. The additional labour hours and tools purchased had shot holes in the profit margin of a very detailed job estimate. Despite the problems encountered the Client was very happy with the work. The blisters healed and the invoice was paid. Contract Resources was underway. Gray Gardner Director 1989-2014 25 YEARS 19 Gray Gardner The blisters healed and the invoice was paid. Contract Resources was underway . 20 SETTING NEW STANDARDS Taking Contract Resources Global Looking back to 1989 when Contract Resources was started we really had no choice other than to take the company global as there was not a lot for us to do in New Zealand or Australia. Even back then we were trying to Set New Standards and take a few specialist services Catalyst Handling being our Flagship and make a business out of them. We had the benefit of experience at Refining New Zealand and Methanex and some useful international contacts so off we went to Singapore. At that time Singapore had the 3rd largest refining capacity in the world and potentially there was plenty for us to do. Malaysia was also developing production facilities to process gas from their huge gas reserves. The future looked bright. CR Bill and Sharon Stretton set up an office in Singapore followed soon thereafter by Gray and Juliet Gardner moving to Kemaman in Malaysia. I prepared to live wherever was needed out of a very large suitcase. As usual our timing was perfect The Gulf War started so no refinery was going to shut down during that time... after almost a year we considered closing our doors because we had almost no capital left to keep the offices open. Finally the Gulf war finished and Singapore had the largest year of turnarounds that the country had ever seen. We were successful in obtaining around 95 of the catalyst handling work available. This enabled us to build a business in the region and we just grew from there. In 1992 we did what was known because we had T-shirts printed as the Asia Pacific Turnaround Tour and boy did we do a lot of work around the place. We established up a large office and facility in Thailand in 1996-97 after deciding that this was the next growth area for our company and... guess what Along came the Asian Currency Crisis... see the trend that is starting to happen here Fortunately and unfortunately we had nowhere to go. Many other companies departed the region and this made us become more local and helped us get through the tough times with our clients. Almost all of the companys growth over the years has been driven by our clients requests. This has been either for additional services that others dont do well services that nobody else wants to do because they are too hard or technically difficult or wanting us to come to a new area or site that we have not operated in before. Crossing continents we expanded into South America starting with Chile back in 2001 because Qantas flew there and nobody else was offering a complete range of reactor services. Our first clients in Chile Enap and Methanex were impressed with what we were able to offer from New Zealand and that encouraged us to base equipment there and form a partnership relationship with Nexxo a relationship which has taken us into other countries in the region. Today we work in Chile Peru Bolivia Argentina Columbia Ecuador and now Brazil. In 2006 we made the decision to open offices in the USA again because clients there believed we were able to offer a package of services that wasnt currently available. While this took a long time to get real traction not helped by the global financial crisis yes it happened again today we now have some great alliances with various national and multi-national companies and see a very bright future for the region. The Middle East is the most recent growth area for CR and while we have worked there since 1990 assisting other companies it became necessary to establish local businesses and locate equipment in the region. We are now established with long term contracts in Oman the UAE Dubai and Abu Dhabi Qatar Egypt Kuwait and more recently Saudi Arabia. Our growth in the region has been quite exponential in a relatively short period of time and like the Americas the Middle East region offers some great opportunities with new business being won through our growing reputation. FROM THE DIRECTOR FOUNDER AND SHAREHOLDER 1989-2014 25 YEARS 21 Trevor Penny We really had no choice other than to take the company global. On reflection the early days was pretty pioneering stuff for a small group of Kiwis and Aussies allowing us to see some amazing places and do some amazing work. Given our very humble beginnings down under Im proud to say that our little company has truly become a global business in its own right. Trevor Penny Director SETTING NEW STANDARDS 22 Global Presence 1989-2014 25 YEARS 23 Office Locations CR operates out of 29 offices around the world spanning 4 geographic regions and have conducted works at hundreds of sites globally. Project Locations Offices listed in red NEW ZEALAND --- Auckland Marsden Point Tokoroa Kinleith New Plymouth Normanby Hawera Hamilton Tauranga Kaitaia Napier Gisborne Whakatane Wellington Nelson Christchurch Invercargill Gore Greymouth Reefton Dunedin PAPUA NEW GUINEA --- Port Moresby Lihir Island AUSTRALIA --- Sydney NSW Newcastle NSW Wollongong NSW Eden NSW --- Brisbane QLD Gladstone QLD Townsville QLD Moura QLD Moranbah QLD Ballera QLD Chinchilla QLD Roma QLD --- Perth WA Kwinana WA Pinjara WA Kalgoorlie WA Karratha WA Port Hedland WA --- Melbourne VIC Altona VIC Dandenong VIC Sale VIC Hastings VIC Long Island Point VIC Port Campbell VIC --- Adelaide SA Moomba SA Millicent SA Whyalla SA Port Lincoln SA Port Pirie SA --- Darwin NT Mereenie NT Tindal NT Ranger NT Gove NT --- Hobart TAS Bernie TAS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA --- Alabama Arkansas California Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Mississippi Montana New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia Wyoming CANADA --- Newfoundland MEXICO --- Mexico City SOUTH AMERICA --- Chile Argentina Peru Columbia Ecuador Brazil Bolivia CARIBBEAN --- Trinidad St. Croiz Aruba MIDDLE EAST --- Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Yemen Kuwait Pakistan Iran United Arab Emirates ASIA --- Singapore Malaysia Taiwan South Korea Japan Vietnam Thailand India Indonesia Philippines AFRICA --- Egypt Libya Equatorial Guinea 24 Andrew or Andy as hes usually called joined Contract Resources as a specialist technician in 1991 and brings over 30 years experience in the industry. After taking supervisory roles in the international team Andy managed the Singapore Thailand and Australian companies before becoming the Group CEO in 2007. Building upon the contribution of their predecessors and colleagues todays Senior Management Team SMT bring not only a depth of technical and specialist industry skills and competence to the table but a diversity of experiences and perspectives that make for a rich and constructive leadership group. The makeup of todays SMT better reflects the maturing of the organisation and a coming of age. No longer a small to mediumsized organisation CR more closely mirrors many of its blue chip customers as a large yet dynamic organisation now backed up with the leadership horsepower to achieve higher levels of growth and performance into the future. Gray has 35 years of experience in specialised industrial services. He is one of the original founders of Contract Resources in 1989 and initially focused on building the Catalyst Handling and Mechanical Services operations in Malaysia Indonesia India and Taiwan. In recent years he has led the Australasian Catalyst Handling team overseeing training and equipment development and also managing larger projects internationally. Trevor has 35 years of experience in Industrial Services and Catalyst Handling and is one of the original founders. He became a shareholder in Contract Resources in 1990 and managed many of the larger projects secured in Singapore and Thailand. Trevor also set up the USA operation in 2007 and now specialises in executing the larger turnkey projects and business opportunities into Central and South America. Richard has 25 years of experience in specialised industrial services and joined Contract Resources in 1999 as a Project Technician. After being progressively promoted to supervisory and management roles he became the General Manager of Australian operations in 2007. Richard then went on to expand the Australian operations to become one of the largest specialist industrial services contractors to the oil and gas industry in Australia. In mid-2014 Richard relocated to America and is now the GM of the Americas operations. Te Kapunga Dewes or TK has previously held various management positions primarily in the forestry pulp and paper and packaging industries in New Zealand for multinational companies including Carter Holt Harvey and Visy Industries. He joined Contract Resources in 2011 as the Regional Manager before becoming the General Manager in 2012. Andy Wells CEO and Shareholder Gray Gardner Director Founder and Shareholder Trevor Penny Director Founder and Shareholder Richard Visscher GM Americas Te Kapunga Dewes GM New Zealand The Management Team 25 Ross has 26 years experience in specialised industrial services primarily within the oil and gas sectors. Ross previous experience includes his role as the General Manager of Frenchowned Onyx Industrial Services in New Zealand which was purchased by Transpacific Industries and the establishment of the specialised industrial services operation for Veolia in Qatar in 2007. He went on to join Contract Resources in 2010 and has since established operating companies and grown the business for Contract Resources in the UAE Qatar Oman and Saudi Arabia. Stephen has held executive finance positions in the Mining Services Petrochemical Manufacturing and Transport sectors and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience over the past 30 years across both Australian and international markets. Stephen joined CR in early 2014. Steve has 20 years experience in specialised industrial services. He started with Contract Resources as a Catalyst Handling and Mechanical Services technician in 1998 and worked extensively on refinery shutdowns throughout Asia the Middle East and Australia. He was progressively promoted to project and supervisory management positions focusing on major clients including BP and ConocoPhillips. In 2014 Steve was promoted to the role of Operational Excellence Manager to oversee technical and operational improvements and to provide clients with high level technical advice. David known to most as Dave has 22 years experience in IT and Systems Development including senior roles with Merrill Lynch in Sydney and New York and ABN Ambo in London where he developed information systems for their international groups. He joined Contract Resources in 2007 and has been responsible for the development of Contract Resources unique Cyber Office and Syncman financial information and administration systems. Allan has a strong international background in industrial services contract work and securing large long-term contracts. Allan has held a number of senior executive roles the most recent as Executive General Manager for Specialised Welding Australia part of the PROFAB Group. Prior to this Allan had invested 10 years with Cape PLC. Whilst at Cape Allan rose quickly through the ranks having been promoted into a number of senior roles from a relatively young age to his most senior role as Executive Director OperationsManaging Director for Australia New Caledonia. Allan joined CR in 2014. Vinces career in HR spans more than 20 years of which a significant proportion has been spent in the UK continental Europe and Australasia having worked in the manufacturing telecommunications energy services pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Prior to joining CR in 2014 Vince spent 2 years working for our parent company Hellaby Holdings. Ross Jury GM Middle East Stephen Kelly CFO Steve Iremonger Operational Excellence Manager David Mitchell Group IT Manager Allan Hart GM Australia Vince McErlane Group GM Human Resources SETTING NEW STANDARDS 26 Staff Quotes John Snow Warehouse Manager Started 1989 Auckland New Zealand I have really felt like part of the family. Ive found it a good company. It has climbed to the top. Its good to belong to a company that was progressing. We worked as a team and to our procedures. You follow our procedures you dont step outside them and you wont go wrong. People go out of their way for each other and go the extra mile when needed. You can rely on that. Steve Oakley Supervisor Started 1992 Auckland New Zealand I can remember when we first started working in Asia Singapore turning up with two metal chests with our breathing equipment and tools hand carrying it onto a ferry borrowing the clients truck once we reached site carrying out the job then doing it all again on the de-mob. Wow how times have changed. Paul Thew West Coast Catalyst Handling Manager Started 1994 Perth Australia Working for CR has been an unbelievable ride on the greatest roller coaster in the world. The opportunities it has created for me and my entire family have been something I will be forever grateful for. Being given the chance to put ones personal touch on the business has kept it interesting. Our number one company value is stated as our people are our greatest asset and the people are the number one reason I am still with the company. The best piece of advice I have received in my time at CR that has and continues to be of immense value and I continue to preach to my colleagues is Check EVERYTHING People have always been at the heart of what we do they are indeed our most valuable resource. Its therefore important to acknowledge the contributions of those that have built the company over the years so were especially proud to hear from a few of the great people who have been a part of the journey from our early beginnings. 1989-2014 25 YEARS 27 Sandra Arch Data Compliance Manager Started 1998 Adelaide Australia In 1999 CR undertook the Alliance with Transfield and this is when things changed dramatically in Adelaide. My first real position was in accounts receivable until I was approached to see if I was interested in the equipment side of things. I have virtually stayed with the equipment department all these years except for a year or so in another role in 2009. There were a lot of challenges for everyone involved with CR in the beginning and it is rewarding to see how successful CR has become due to everyones dedication and hard work over the last 25 years. CR as a company and the people within it have supported me through some difficult personal years for which I will always be grateful. Mike Fitzpatrick SA Area Coordinator Started 1990 Adelaide Australia It has been an interesting 25 years plenty of challenges travel and exposure to other cultures. Amazing what a small company can achieve with teamwork respect and a sense of humour. Joan Mandalik Accounts and Payroll Supervisor Started 2001 Adelaide Australia Initially when I started with CR I was employed in Payroll and backed up Sandys Accounts Receivable role. When Sandy moved to the asset department I moved to Accounts Receivable. The company was relatively small when I started and has grown substantially since. I think the payroll only had about 100 employees on it whereas now we have about 450. I have seen many changes over the years and am sure there will be many more in the future if I am lucky enough to still be here. Clyde Dorman Area Coordinator Started 1995 Brisbane Australia A gamble pays off Its been a great ride When I started with Contract Resources we had a small international crew and a very small team working Adelaide Refinery Tank Farm. The early times were loaded with stress huge challenges around every corner growing pains loaded with highs and extreme lows. Loved it would not have had it any other way. I have performed several rolls in my career with Contract Resources predominately in Australia. Thanks to complete team work and commitment Contract Resources has vigorously grown to where we are today. I look forward to new challenges with the changing markets in Australia. SETTING NEW STANDARDS 28 Staff Quotes Kenny Borman Life Support Manager Started 1980 2009 Louisiana I joined Catalyst Handling Service Co. in 1980. My first big international project was in Moomba Australia in 1984 as a training consultant with Trevor Penny. Over the years there have been a series of interesting jobs but there were a dozen or so many years ago where really hard catalyst was dislodged by other contractors using Ammonium Nitrate explosives before we could vacuum it. One time they ended up blowing off the nozzles and bending the trays. When I first started doing this work I thought Id do it for 5 years or so but Im still here today. Chris Wooten Operations Manager Started 2005 Houston USA My fathers business joined with the CR family back in 2006 having previously worked with Trevor Penny on a few jobs here in the US. The one thing that I can say thats still different about us today is that you just dont come across a company of our size where the owners still get in alongside other employees to do a job. Thats rare and our no. 1 point of difference. We still have a lot of the original people who have stayed with the company and that give a dang. It realises that people are the company and it hasnt lost sight of that. Ross Jury GM Middle East Started 2010 Abu Dhabi UAE Early in my career I met the founding members of CR Bill Stretton was the struggling General Manager for New Zealand who was thrown into the lions den of the Industrial Services world. Andrew Wells was a young upstart temporary employee who became a Reformer expert overnight. Gray Gardner was already considered a legend and has only increased in stature and Trevor Penny was a name spoken in whispered tones this guy knew everything. In 2010 the owners planned to set up business in the Middle East and I had the privilege to be invited to join the team. To me it felt very much like home to join CR. With the strong reputation and support of the CR team we have gone from strength to strength in the Middle East with the strongest geographical spread of any similar company in the region. Srikanth Shetty Operations Manager - Middle East Started 1999 Abu Dhabi Our first project in India was skimming the Hydrocrackers at MRPL and looking back we did have a very interesting start to the project. Equipment was sent from Singapore by ship to the Mumbai Port and still had to make a 900 Km road trip to the city of Mangalore. What was initially intended to be a one off 5 day job translated into CR being awarded additional jobs and leading on to kick starting the Indian Company. Its been a fantastic run so far for all of us with many from the initial project still working together as a team. 1989-2014 25 YEARS 29 Serving our customers for 25 years Since the companys beginning weve always focused on providing the best people to provide the highest level of service possible. As our service range has expanded over the years weve never lost sight of our goal of SETTING NEW STANDARDS. SETTING NEW STANDARDS 30 01. Catalyst is loaded into a hopper on top of a reactor during shutdown operations 01 Catalyst Handling Since entering the catalyst handling market we have developed a holistic approach to change outs along with our own specialised equipment and can now complete an entire shutdown from the planning stage with our multi-skilled workforce. This has resulted in less down time for customers a higher quality of service and some of the safest turnarounds available in the industry today. 1989-2014 25 YEARS 31 02. Catalyst loading in progress at Refining New Zealand 03. Catalyst removal and bagging operations in progress 04. Confined Space Entry and Dense Loading in progress 05. Technicians using Hard Helmet systems onsite during a Refinery Shutdown 03 0402 05 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 32 Specialised Mechanical Services Contract Resources was the first to train our catalyst technicians to complete the specialised bolting and blinding required to isolate a reactor. We now offer a blinds to blinds service for reactor turnarounds. Our specialised mechanical services have since expanded into heat exchanger works pipeline modifications bolt tensioning and torqueing specialised welding installation repairs and plant demolition. 01. Specialised torquing of a flange in progress 01 1989-2014 25 YEARS 33 03 0402 05 02. Bed 2 of a 3 bed Casale Converter being moved into place for installation 03. Technicians steady a Bundle Lifter as it is moved into place by crane 04. Torquing of a flange during a shutdown of an Offshore Platform 05. A technician works on the removal of Column Internals SETTING NEW STANDARDS 34 Tank and Environmental Services Turning our skill set towards wider refinery operations we commenced Storage Tank Maintenance and Environmental Services. Like many of our services these were designed to provide a blinds to blinds turnaround approach for our clients. Our Tank and Environmental services now include surface preparation and industrial coatings for the exteriors and interiors of tanks mechanical blinding and isolations non-destructive testing and inspections cold cutting sludge processing and waste treatment decontamination emergency spill response striping and dewatering mechanical repairs and remote cleaning with robotic units. 01. A technician prepares for a final coatings application and quality testing inside a storage tank 01 1989-2014 25 YEARS 35 03 04 02 05 02. A technician applies a protective coating inside a storage tank 03. Vacuum removal of sludge for processing and remediation 04. A SLT unit in operation removing sludge from a tank in PNG 05. A technician uses a Hydro Dozer to move acidic sludge inside a tank SETTING NEW STANDARDS 36 Hydro-Jetting and Cold Cutting Our fleet of pumps range from 3000 50000psi and their purposes range from the cleaning of surfaces through to the cutting of steel. Our focus on innovative cleaning and coatings-removal attachments safety back-out preventers and automatic internal and external remote tube bundle cleaners ensures safe operator positioning and maximum cleaning efficiency. 01. A Tri-Lance cleaner removes blockages from a Tube Bundle 01 1989-2014 25 YEARS 37 05 04 02 03 02. Multiple Heat Exchangers are cleaned using various types of HPW equipment 03. A completely extracted Tube Bundle sits on Bundle Puller ready for moving to a cleaning bay 04. A magnetic Cold Cutting attachment is used to gain entry to an oils storage tank 05. A HPW Spider unit removes and captures erosion from a tank wall as part of remediation works SETTING NEW STANDARDS 38 Chemical Cleaning Our chemical cleaning services cover a wide range of heavy industry requirements. From the removal of scale from pipework in process plants to decontamination and degassing of refineries or the treatment of stainless steel in food and beverage plants Contract Resources has become a leading international service provider to all areas of heavy industry today. 01. An onsite setup showing a Chemical Cleaning circuit for a Texas Tower 01 1989-2014 25 YEARS 39 02. Separation bins are used for the processing of different types of hydrocarbon wastes 03. A Technician applies DECAMEX to Fin Fans 04. Candle Filters are neutralised in a self-contained system designed by CR 03 0402 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 40 Pipeline Services With a combination of both internal and external technologies we are able to clean and inspect most pipelines in existence today. These services developed as a natural extension of our HPW pipeline cleaning and has since expanded to intelligent pipeline inspection and our own In-Pipe Vehicle IPV for removal of extremely hard scale removal of wax and product with general pigg operations and removal of scale and coke build-ups with DDT piggs. 01. An IPV unit enters a flare line to commence specialised cleaning and mercury removal. 01 1989-2014 25 YEARS 41 02. A computer render of the IPV operating inside a pipeline 03. The IPV launch device is prepared for an underground access onsite 04. A 40 ft Pigging Module is set up on site for pipeline cleaning 05. Moving the IPV into place for geothermal line cleaning 06. A DDT launcher is installed on a furnace pipeline 0604 02 03 05 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 42 Offshore Oil Gas Our Offshore services are based on our existing range of industrial services with equipment manufactured by our dedicated Equipment Innovations Group to meet the offshore oil and gas industry specifications and requirements. In offshore situations with limited space and accommodation for personnel the value of our multi-skilled technicians quickly becomes apparent. 01. Offshore rope access is used for protective coatings application 01 1989-2014 25 YEARS 43 02. A technician checks progress during offshore sludge processing 03. SLT equipment in operation on an offshore platform 04. A CR technician uses rope access to inspect a platform support structure 05. A catalyst change out is completed on a platform in the Timor Sea 03 0402 05 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 44 Windfarm Services As the worlds energy supply diversifies so too does the Contract Resources skillset. Our experience put us in an enviable position for wind power requirements as this industry grows. Today we can provide a complete range of services from installation and fit outs to repairs inspections and asset preservation methods. 01. A section of tower is moved into place for installation 01 1989-2014 25 YEARS 45 02. A completed tower floor fit out 03. Blade repairs are completed in situ after damage from a lightning strike 04. Specialised bolting is used to connect two sections of a turbine tower 05. A completed turbine in operation 03 0402 05 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 46 Rescue Services Our background in industrial services within elevated-risk work environments has lead us to become uniquely qualified in advanced rescue capabilities. After years of honing these skills in our own operations we now offer them as a stand-alone service for the wider market. 01. Technicians undergo a wide range of hazard mitigation skills as part of their training 01 1989-2014 25 YEARS 47 02. Contract Resources technicians practice a Stretcher Rescue in a low light scenario 03. A Contract Resources Rescue Support vehicle 04. Our Rescue Support vehicles can be deployed 24 hours a day in the most remote of locations 05. A Breathing Air Rescue Trailer is inspected in a CR yard before being sent to site 03 0402 05 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 48 01. A Contract Resources training facility is used to practice confined space rescue techniques in Abu Dhabi 02. One of the purpose built Inert Entry and Confined Space Training Complexes in Sydney 03 0201 The HSE Culture of Contract Resources HSE has always been a key metric for our operations and Zero Harm is one of our core Company Values. When CR first began we trained with the New Zealand Fire Department as they had the most advanced training scenarios available. As we developed and grew it became clear that our specialised work required a specialised solution and standard so thats what we did. In 1991 we built our first to-scale version of a reactors internals and employed full time trainers to ensure we were always at the cutting edge of Breathing Apparatus rescue rigging and procedure advancements. We now have training centres at our main centres around the world coupled with a robust training program to ensure were always ready to mobilise when needed. 1989-2014 25 YEARS 49 03. A technician exits a helicopter underwater as part of a simulated emergency for BOSIET 04. A technician prepares a mock victim for vertical retrieval in a training reactor 05. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training is completed for BOSIET 06. Technicians practice Rescue Training in Hard Helmet Systems 04 0503 06 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 50 01 Our People Our people have always been our most valuable resource. Our branding of equipment and personnel has ensured we stand out no matter where we go but its the impression our people make on customers which makes us truly memorable. 01. Technicians refer back to a procedure document during tube bundle cleaning in Victoria Australia 1989-2014 25 YEARS 51 02. A technician inside a vessel relays information to the crew on a platform in the Timor Sea 03. A catalyst crew decanting onsite in Western Australia using a CR designed Twin Drum Decanter 04. Some of our Management Trainees from our 2013 and 2014 intake 05. A Shutdown crew in Oman after completion of a turnaround 06. Technicians demonstrate a CR prototype to customers for use in offshore cleaning situations in our engineering workshop in Perth Australia 07. A technician weighs catalyst for loading into a tubular reformer in Oman 08. Technicians install new HD trays on a Hydrocracking unit in Louisiana USA 09. A catalyst crew on a methanol plant in Chile 04 0502 03 0906 0807 52 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 10. CHR technicians in front of the Battleship Texas which was used for heights and rescue training in the USA 11. Staff and family enjoy the Adelaide Christmas Party in 2012 12. CHR technicians practice CSE rescue for an inert environment in the USA 13. CR Crew board a helicopter for an offshore project 14. Paul Thew in Asia in 2000 15. Ron Loots showing off his new jewelery in Trinidad in 2008 10 11 12 151413 53 1989-2014 25 YEARS 16. Technicians prepare to make a vessel entry in acid resistant suits 17. Equipment is set up on site for our first project in Argentina in 2008 18. Technicians work on a Parex loading in India 19. Technicians conduct a mock rescue on site in Chile 20. Paul Dravitzki Julio Cortes and Trevor Penny try and stay warm on site in Punta Arenas Chile in 2006 21. CHR technicians discuss tripod rescue techniques during training exercises in the USA 16 19 17 20 18 21 SETTING NEW STANDARDS 54 01. Garry Svensson completing the WA 2012 Chevron City to Surf 42km Marathon for the Activ Foundation 02. The South Coast Rhinos seen here at the 2011 Australian Masters games 03. Finalists in the CR sponsored Wood Chop event in Gore New Zealand 02 0301 Community Sponsorship Since forming Contract Resources has been involved with over 150 charities donated over 110000 AUD and sponsored multiple employees in everything from racing at Bathurst to shaving for cancer Outrigger State Marathon titles and many more. 1989-2014 25 YEARS 55 04. The winning car and 1st place trophy won by the 2 man CR Racing team at the HQ Endurance Challenge held at Bathurst 05. CR employee Andrew Owen participates in a charity ride-on lawnmower to raise money for the Mater Childrens Hospital 06. The CR sponsored Bartlett racing team after achieving 3rd place in the South Australia 360 Sprintcar State Title 04 05 06 56 08 07 09 07. Team Cronulla shown here before winning 1st place in the OC6 Mens 10km Short Course at the NSW State Marathon title 08. Terry Lennon Jason Waddell Mark Reynolds Adam Mackie Brendon Shearer and Nathan Arnolds in a before and after for the Lukemia Foundations Worlds Greatest Shave fundraiser in 2013 09. CR employees and friends at the Girls Night In fundraiser for the Cancer Foundation 57 Photo left to right Neil MacCulloch - Chief Operating Officer Hamish Johnstone - Chief Human Resources Officer John Williamson - Chief Executive Officer Managing Director Richard Jolly - Chief Financial Officer Company Secretary Greg Batkin - Chief Investment Officer Our Business Partners - Hellaby Holdings Ltd In April of 2013 NZX-listed investment holdings company Hellaby Holdings Limited acquired an 85 stake in Contract Resources. As our business partner the Hellaby executive team provide the Contract Resources group with a robust level of financial and strategic support. We are excited to partner with Hellaby to continue our growth strategy into the future. 1989-2014 25 YEARS 58 SETTING NEW STANDARDS From humble beginnings in a small shed in New Zealand through innovation and sheer hard work CR has since completed some of the biggest projects ever within heavy industry. Weve kept the can-do attitude as weve grown and look forward to the challenges advancements and continuing relationships that the next 25 years will bring. 59 1989-2014 25 YEARS SETTING NEW STANDARDS 60 Thank You This book has been made for the hardworking employees within Contract Resources our valued customers around the globe and our reliable network of suppliers. None of this would be possible without all of you. 03 1989-2014 25 YEARS SETTING NEW