Safety & QA

Environmental Protection

Zero harm is one of our core values, and that extends to care of the environment.

Many of our services help the environment by increasing the energy efficiency of our clients’ equipment and reducing the likelihood of plant failure. We also strive to reduce the impact of our own operations on the environment.

What We Do

  • We invest in energy efficient technology
  • We minimise energy use through Neutramex online Fin Fan Cleaning; which significantly increases plant cooling efficiency
  • We recycle contaminated fuel, catalyst and water
  • We have developed technology to reduce water use
  • We have well trained and resourced emergency response teams
  • We have increased our emergency spill response training
  • We have developed and manufactured a fleet of vacuum trucks with unprecedented protection systems to prevent spills in the unlikely event of an accident. These trucks meet Dangerous Goods, EPA, and API standards
  • We have optimised our SLT capabilities to help minimise waste
  • We have developed better drain cleaning equipment, as clean drains reduce the chance of uncontrolled emissions